200 Gold Textures in 4K resolution

If you want to give color to your designs, what better color can you pick than the royal color of gold, and what better tool can you find for it than this gorgeous gold textures?

200 Free Gold Textures

Made by our own team from scratch, these textures come with the kind of artistic flair that other similar products simply lack. Just do a quick search around Google and you’ll see that we’re offering a high quality like no other with the added bonus of a free commercial license. This has to be a breakthrough in the field of textures. We can guarantee no one has ever seen something quite like them.

Enjoy the 4k resolution in all the 200 golden textures that you’ll receive in a single download. We have kept it as plain as possible to work with these shiny templates. Even rookie beginners can benefit from their smooth touch in their art with just a couple of clicks. Our gold backgrounds strike the perfect balance between glossy and matte colors and thus hit the spot for your wedding invitations, birthday cards, and New Year designs. You’ll get to add more sparkle to any design of yours with these elegant textures as your wallpaper.