Blue Jeans SVG and Regular Font

Blue Jeans SVG and Regular Font by OkayAnnie Designs

Turn up the music and let’s make those blue jeans talk…I’m super excited to introduce Blue Jeans SVG and Regular Font by OkayAnnie Designs.

An authentic burlap/textured SVG effect font and a textured Regular font included for those who are unable to work with SVG.

The Blue Jeans Font Duo includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and standard punctuation.

Have a look at my mockups to get inspired by this gorgeous textured Blue Jeans font. It’s simply stunning for social media quotes, wall art, stationery, advertising, scrapbooking and more!

Blue Jeans SVG and Regular Font Includes:

  • Blue Jeans Opentype (OTF) SVG and Regular OTF
  • Alphabet, Numbers & Basic Characters
  • Help and PDF including instructions on how to use SVG fonts
  • Your completed purchase order will include a download of 1 zip file folders at 14.5MB
  • Instructions on how to change the colour of SVG fonts.
  • Instructions to Use Our Products
  • Blue Jeans SVG and Regular Font Tips

Software Requirements and Tips for Blue Jeans SVG and Regular Font

  • It’s important to note that SVG fonts are relatively new technology, and currently only supported by Photoshop CC 2017(or newer) or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer).
  • The regular fonts is mostly supported in most apps.
  • The SVG font is a Raster Bitmap font – and as such has a maximum size and resolution. The SVG font can comfortably be typed out at a size where the Capital Letters are about 2inches tall – without losing quality or resolution. For projects where it is required to have the font at larger sizes, its recommended you use the vector version of the font also included in the pack.
  • Language Support: Currently only English is supported.
  • Please note that SVG fonts are not currently supported as webfonts, but the regular fonts in this pack are available as webfonts.