Simple Serenity Serif & Script 衬线、脚本字体

Designed by Sam Parrett, Simple Serenity is a display serif, modern calligraphy and script font family. This typeface has two styles and was published by Set Sail Studios. Free for download. For personal use.

Simple Serenity 由 Sam Parrett 设计,是一个显示衬线、现代书法和脚本字体系列。这种字体有两种样式,由 Set Sail Studios 发布。

About the Product

Discover an exquisitely elegant modern typography pairing with the Simple Serenity Font Duo. This beautiful set combines a contemporary take on a classic serif with a clean & modern fine calligraphy script—creating the perfect pair for stunning logos, wedding designs, quotes, display text and more.

Here’s a run through everything included in this product;

  1. Simple Serenity Script • A clean, elegant hand-drawn script font containing upper & lowercase characters, all punctuation and numerals. Contains 50 ligatures to help the text flow naturally and add a custom-made feel. Includes 9 alternate characters for d,k,f,g,h,i,j,t,y which have extra flourishes. Also includes beginning and end swashes for every lowercase letter.
  2. Simple Serenity Serif • A modern take on a classic serif font. Contains uppercase-only characters, all punctuation & numerals. Includes 14 ligatures for extra flair and uniqueness, as well as 10 alternate characters for Q,A,M,E,R,K,U,F,H,W.

Using Ligatures and Alternates

  • Both fonts contain a number of ‘Standard Ligatures’ (unique double-letter pairings) and ‘Stylistic Alternates’ (alternative letter designs) to provide you with more customisation options. Make sure these functions are switched on in your software in order to access these characters.
  • You can also access these characters via a Glyphs panel. This is available on most Adobe software & Affinity Designer.

Language Support; Both fonts support English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, Icelandic, Slovenian