11 in 1 Unique and Classy Modern Font Bundle By Sensatype

11 in 1 Unique and Classy Modern Font Bundle

Based on our experience as a graphic designer who works for a lot of companies, we often are requested to design a logo in a unique style but with a Classy feels. So, we try to brainstorming and create some of unique font to make the idea is going out with ready to use easily. This is perfect for BRANDING and LOGO DESIGN. You will get unique, classy, elegant, and certainly beauty to make your branding or design projects more standout with this font.


  • Abigail: 
  • Angle: 
  • Brand: 
  • Bruney: 
  • Runalto: 
  • Richy: 
  • Charming (Font Duo):
  • Saudagar: 
  • Megante: 
  • Fonde: 

Get over $150 worth of Unique and Classy Modern Fonts for just $25 (Desktop License) and save up to 80%! Receive a huge selection of Our best-selling fonts and save over $125 for a limited time only!


  • Easy to Use (How to use fonts guide Included)
  • Fast Response Support
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Multilingual Characters
  • Numerals & punctuations