Procreate lettering grids set By Let’s Art

Procreate lettering grids set By Let’s Art Free for download. For personal use.

This is a small product with big practice concept. It included most of useful in hand lettering grids for letter building, calligraphy practice and as a bonus – 2 brushes for san serif letters and for brush calligraphy. And you can use PSD and PDF file with 10 ready to use grids for practice in Procreate or printing and draw. And I think this set helpful for better lettering skills.

You will receive: 1 brushset file (NOTE: for Procreate version 4.0 or earlier brushset is not available). Lettering brushes set for Procreate included 13 grid brushes in 1 brushset: • 11 grids: checkered dot grid, line grids, letters builder (san-serif thin letters, san-serif bold letters, serif letters) • 2 brushes: grainy pencil and brush calligraphy as a bonus
• 1.psd file with 10 grids for ready for practice • 1.pdf file with 10 grids for ready for practice. You can use layered files in Porcreate or printing it.

How Installing Procreate Brushes (.brush and brushset) Use this option if you have an older iPad or Procreate version 4.0 or earlier. Here’s how:

  1. Download folder .brush file to your folder on your iPad
  2. Open the folder and choose .brush files
  3. Tap and hold with your finger or apple pencil
  4. Choose “Share” from the menu
  5. If the option “Open in Procreate” is missing, click on “More”
  6. Scroll and find the option “Open in Procreate” and click on it
  7. Open your project in Procreate and click on brush icon at the top right corner


  1. Open Procreate, click new collection – brush – import
  2. Find folder with download brush, choose it, added in Procreate.

Compatible with: Procreate
File Size: 17 MB